KMM’s services and expertise aims to resolve and support challenges faced by organizations in enterprise-wide information access and reporting, and transparency in the business processes and activities.

Our strategic partnerships and alliances support us in offering a complete range of value added services to our clients. This includes the tools and expertise needed to fulfil the clients’ requirements.

Business Process Management Competency
Performance Management Systems incl. Process Performance
Information Management Systems (Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Solutions)
  • Professional Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Change Management

1. Business Process Management (BPM) Competency

Documenting business processes enable a continuous improvement of those processes, while ensuring optimal support of effective and relevant Information Technology and Human Resources. It is through documented (or mapped) business processes that business improvement opportunities can be identified and implemented.KMM understands and appreciates the value that Business Processes can add to an organisation, mainly through:

  • BPM Strategy and approach
  • The As-Is process mapping, decomposed to detailed activity level and standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Linking processes to the organizational strategy, structure, controls, and all identified interfaces
  • Identifying process improvements opportunities
  • Integration to the rest of the Enterprise Architecture i.e. systems, information and technology
  • Process Intelligence

2. Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Solutions

KMM provides Data warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions, consulting and tools (if required), to improve the client’s information usage and business decision-making processes, seamlessly. To derive optimal value, data quality management solution is used as a base to these service offerings. KMM’s competency lies in delivering the following:

  • Data warehousing strategy development;
  • Business Intelligence specific solutions strategy development, in partnership with our alliances that specialise in the type of the solution e.g. Financial Management, Human Capital, etc.
  • Data warehousing implementation
  • BI implementation

The entry point to our solution offerings is ensuring data integrity for our clients. This is done through a combination of best practice data quality methodologies, depending on the clients’ environment and requirements. The solution aims to resolve some of the reporting and query challenges of:

  • Data inaccuracy;
  • Incomplete data;
  • Lack of standardization of data;
  • Inconsistencies in data;
  • Duplication of data;
  • Poor turn-around time.
  • Services

3. Professional Consulting

KMM provides a variety of roles in supporting Information Technology (IT) projects. The key roles that we provide are in:

  • Programme and project management;
  • Process and Business analysis;
  • Infrastructure (network, hardware, etc) planning, implementation and support;
  • Systems analysis; and
  • Data warehouse architecture.

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