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KMM Quality Solutions include data quality methodology, processes, metrics and technology that will not only minimise risk, but will increase immediate post-implementation success and ensure ongoing value.

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KMMQS provides a variety of solutions and supporting roles; we specialise mainly in data quality management, data warehousing and Business Intelligence (BI), including reporting, and Business Process Modeling and Automation (BPM/A).

Why choose KMM Our

Through our strategic partnerships and alliances, we offer a complete range of value added services to our clients. These partnerships enable end-to-end or complete solutions, and includes tools and the expertise needed to fulfill the clients' requirements.

Welcome to KMM Quality Solutions

Business value is derived from an optimal functioning of business processes, supporting information technology, employee effectiveness and fulfillment, client satisfaction and financial investment rewards.

KMM Quality Solutions [KMMQS] believes in supporting organizations to derive value from our ICT skills and experience, and continuous organizational knowledge improvement.

We therefore encourage organizations to take advantage of our skills and expertise, whilst promoting the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) and Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDI) policies of our South African country.

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