KMM’s key driving force in giving-back to the vulnerable social group of our country is the belief that developing and educating the South African children will ensure their future wellbeing.

KMM believes that it is through education that a successful future is ensured and therefore the elimination of potential future issues in poverty and health.

1. Giving back to the community!

  • Primarily in education – that orphans are getting good education
  • Education support - in nutrition, health and clothing
  • Exposing the less fortunate for them to dream beyond what they already know

2. Currently targeting mainly orphans in and around Gauteng; ie.

  • Orphanages,
  • Orphan support groups,
  • Charity organizations etc.
  • Annual Christmas celebrations so that they are not left out in God’s love over the period

3. We urge Partners, clients and associates to come on board as we give back to the very communities that raise us to be the successful people we are today

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